Creating A MailChimp Signup Box

One thing that every blogger should do in the early stages of blogging is start an email list. If you have any intentions of growing a following, this is a must-do.


Add A Newsletter Signup To Your Blog Using MailChimp

There are plenty of online tutorials about starting a MailChimp account, so I’m just going to give you the short version and add links to more thorough tutorials.

First, why do you need to start a newsletter. Short answer: you don’t. But nearly every blogger who has become successful says developing an email list was one of the best things they did to increase their blog’s reach. In fact, many bloggers regret that they didn’t start an email list earlier in their blogging career.

Social media may bring readers to your blog, but your email list allows you to stay in touch with the readers that are engaged with what you’re doing. That’s gold. Your newsletter is what helps to build your email list.

Getting Started With MailChimp: The Short Version

  1. Sign up for a MailChimp account.
  2. In your MailChimp dashboard, click on “Lists.”
  3. Create a list. Name it after your blog.
  4. Once you create a list, you’ll need to add a newsletter signup box to your blog.
  5. From your list in MailChimp, find the arrow to the far right.
  6. Click on signup forms.
  7. Choose embedded forms.
  8. You’ll have a choice of different forms. I like the Super Slim.
  9. Once you choose your form, copy the code into your blog. You’ll need to paste it into your HTML edit mode rather then your standard visual mode. You can choose to put it on your about page. Or you could create a newsletter page.
  10. Go back to MailChimp and create a Final-Welcome email. Your readers will receive this after they sign up.

Some Links To Tutorials About Creating MailChimp SignUp Forms And Newsletters

Now you can start building a mailing list!


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