Adding Categories And Tags

Categories and tags serve two purposes. First, they help keep your site organized for your readers. Second, they help search engines to find your content.


Adding categories and tags is easy.

In, while your in your edit-post function, you’ll see a few options on the left side of your screen. Beneath the publish box, the option for categories and tags is first. To add categories, just click “add a new category” and type your category into the box.

What are categories?

Categories are simply sub-topics of your overall niche. For instance, this course has four categories: Blogging, Writing, Social Media, and  the “Uncategorized” default. Some posts may fall under more than one category.

If you don’t check your category boxes, it will be seen as “Uncategorized” by default. There’s a way to fix that by making one of your categories the default. Here’s how:

You need to go back to your “My Site” menu. At the bottom of the list, find “Settings.” Once you’re in “Settings,” click on the “Writing” tab. In the writing setting you’ll see a drop-down bar that’s labeled: “Default Post Category.” Change the default to you most commonly used category. My default is “blogging.” This way, if I forget to choose a category, it will automatically be put in the”blogging” category. That’s a pretty safe bet for this blog.

What about tags?

Tags are more specific than categories. For instance, this post might be categorized in “blogging,” but I might add the following tags: blogging, writing, WordPress, tags, and categories. Your readers can click on any of your categories or tags to find all articles on that specific topic.

Back in edit mode, you simply click on categories and tags. Then you add tags, each separated by a comma. WordPress automatically remembers your tags for later use.

That’s it. Now you know how to add categories and tags. Check out the WordPress help page on the topic for more information.


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