Creating A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook can be a great way to extend your reach. But if you really want to build an audience through Facebook, you need to create and build a Fan Page.


Starting A Fan Page Is Easy

  1. From your Facebook profile: Find the arrow at the top right corner of your account.
  2. Click and select: Create Page
  3. Choose a category: Facebook offers Fan Page categories such as business, institution, community, entertainer, etc. Choose the category that most closely matches what you do.
  4. Pick a subcategory and name: After you click on a category, you’ll have many subcategory choices. You also need to give your page a name at this point. Then click “Get Started.”
  5. About: Write a brief description of what your page is about. It should match your blog’s niche.
  6. List your links: Just below your “about,” you can list your links.
  7. Choose an address: You can choose a custom url. I chose for my Fan Page.
  8. Add a photo: Stay consistent and use the same photo you’re using for your Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress accounts.
  9. Preferred Audience: You can choose who you want to reach.
  10. Invite friends: After you complete your page, Facebook will ask you to invite friends to Like your page.

Here’s a video on creating a Fan Page:

Like 10 Similar Pages To Your Own

A great way to start building a Fan Page is to like similar pages. From your Fan Page, search and Like other pages. Once you’ve created a Fan Page newsfeed, start interacting and networking with other pages. This will likely result in gaining some new “Likes.”

Take Some Time To Get Familiar With Your Fan Page

Spend an hour checking out the different options and settings on your Fan Page. You probably won’t be using most of these options immediately, but you might want to in the future.


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