Adding Links In WordPress

A good blog makes use of links. You want to link to quality, related content that your audience will find interesting. You also want to link to your own content to keep people on your site for longer durations of time.


Adding Links In WordPress Is Easy

  1. Highlight the words you want to use as a live link: Don’t just cut and paste website addresses onto your page. That looks ugly. Turn words, phrases, and titles into links.
  2. Click the link icon on your toolbar: A little box will appear. Simply add your link in the upper space of this box. It’s best to cut and paste. That way you’ll make sure to avoid making any errors.
  3. Save a draft and test it out: Once you add your links, save a draft of your post and preview. Test your links to make sure they work.

I recommend keeping your internal and external links balanced at about 50/50. Link to sites with similar content to your own. Link to definitions and explanations. Link back to your own earlier articles. Don’t overdo links on any one post.

How To Put To A You Tube Video In Your Post

This is even easier. You simply paste the the YouTube link directly into your content in the edit mode. It should magically appear in your post. If you want a link to the video rather than the video itself, then use the method above.


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