Finding Quality Photos For Posts

A good blog post usually has a good photo to go with it. There are many places to find quality photos online. In this post we’ll discuss your options.


Should You Use Your Own Photos?

Whether or not you use your own photos depends upon the topic of your blog and your own photography skills. If you’re operating a photo blog, a travel blog, or a modeling blog, it may make more sense to considering using your own photos. Even so, you must have quality images to make it work.

More than likely, you’ll want to get your photos from other sources. There are plenty of free photos available for bloggers.

Pixabay Is My Favorite Place For Photos

I get most of my photos from The photos are free. There’s no sign up required. There’s no attribution required. The process is simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Search for photos related to your post topic.
  3. Download the photo to your computer.
  4. From your WordPress post edit box, click the “add media” photo icon in the upper left corner.
  5. Drag and drop your photo into the media library.
  6. Insert the photo into your post.
  7. Edit/resize the photo if needed.

Here Are Some Other Photo Sites

If you use these sources, make sure you research whether or not you need to attribute the photo. Many sites require attribution. Some sites are paid. To attribute a photo, you just create a “Photo Credit” link to its original location on your blog post.

Something You Should Never Do

Don’t take photos from random sites without permission. That could lead to copyright infringement. You don’t want to be facing a lawsuit.



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