Setting Your WordPress Settings

At the very bottom of your drop-down menu in the WordPress dashboard, you’ll find a button called “Settings.” There are a few things you should know.


You May Want To Tweak Some Of Your Settings

When you click on settings, you’ll find four categories along the top of the page:

  • General
  • Writing
  • Discussion
  • Analytics

Let’s look at each of these categories:

  1. General: Here you can create or change the title and tagline to your blog. You can choose your desired language. You can also change how Google and other search engines index your site. Your site’s default is set to discourage search engines from indexing this site. If you’re starting a blog as an entrepreneurial adventure, you don’t want to leave your blog on this setting. Change it to, allow search engines to index this site. You also have an option for a private mode. Finally, the show related content after posts, allows your readers to see other similar posts to the one they are reading at the bottom of the page.
  2. Writing: Once you begin to develop categories, you’ll want to change your category default from “uncategorized” to your most common category. I use “blogging” as the default. You can also choose a variety of post frames. I recommend keeping it “standard” at the start.
  3. Discussion: These settings will help you monitor the conversation. You can make it more or less difficult for readers to join the discussion. I recommend leaving these settings in the default mode until you begin to work with comments and discussions more frequently.
  4. Analytics: Google Analytics is a program that allows you to closely monitor your blog’s traffic. Your built-in “Stats” program should be sufficient for now.

Now you’re all set to publish your first blog post!


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