Hi, my name is Dan Erickson.

Dan erickson-37 (1)

I teach communication at Yakima Valley Community College. Recently, I’ve developed a course for students to learn the basics of blogging and social media as a way to develop an online presence.

CMST 202

Introduction to Online Writing focuses on developing blogging and social media skills. These skills are becoming more and more desired in today’s workplace. It’s also a good opportunity for students to learn some basics about entrepreneurship. Students learn how to create a blog. They may choose their own themes and topics. Students will also learn how to use social media to promote their blog.

What This Site Is About

I’ll simply be using this site as a teaching tool. I operate two self-hosted blogs: www.danerickson.net and www.hipdiggs.com, but I’m using the free WordPress platform in the classroom. By setting up this blog, I’ll be able to understand and address issues that students face with their own blogs.

If You’re Interested In Blogging…

You can sign up for the course. Currently, the course has a face-to-face component, so you would have to be local to the Yakima, Washington region. In the near future, I hope to offer CMST202 completely online. The course is still in the developmental stages. You can contact YVCC for more information.

Why Take A Course About Blogging And Social Media?

  • It will improve your writing skills.
  • It will improve your computer skills.
  • It will improve your networking skills.
  • It will strengthen your resume.
  • It’s fun to learn something new.

I hope to see you in one of my classes soon!


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