Building A “Work With Me” Page

So far, you’ve only created an “About” page on your blog. It’s lonely. It could use a little company. There are many options for your second page.


Before we discuss the “Work With Me” page, let’s look at other options.

There are many types of pages you could add to your blog. Here’s a short list:

  1. Add a store: If you have products to sell, either your own, or as an affiliate, you may want a storefront.
  2. Add an all-posts page: This is simply a page that lists all of your archives. See an example at Hip Diggs.
  3. Add a contact page: A simple contact page is an option. I choose to add contact information on my “About” or “Work With Me” page. See an example at The Creative Side.
  4. Add a favorite links page: You could add a simple page that explains and links to some of your favorite blogs.
  5. Add a speaking page: If you’re a public speaker, or you’d like to start speaking, you could add a speaking page. Here’s an example at Becoming Minimalist.
  6. Add a press page: Michael Hyatt talks about this in his book, Platform. He refers to it as a Media Kit page.
  7. Add an FAQ page: You might want to add an FAQ page to fend off loads of email questions.
  8. Add a subscription page: Some bloggers like their subscription box in plain sight in the sidebar. I prefer mine on a separate page. Here’s an example at The Creative Side.
  9. Add an events page: If you’re a musician or entertainer, you may want an events calendar. Here’s Taylor Swift’s event page.
  10. Add a testimonial page: A testimonial page can help support your products or services.

Why Start A “Work With Me” Page?

Often, when you first start blogging, you haven’t yet created a product for your readers. But if want to treat your blog like a business from the start, you need to offer something. Most everyone has something to offer. Perhaps you could tutor others in math. Maybe you can teach music lessons. Or maybe you can be a fitness coach.

A “Work With Me” page should include some of the following information:

  • A photo of you. If you can, get a photo of you working with others.
  • What can you do to make my life better? Tell me how your services will simplify life for me. How will you help me get what I want or need.
  • What are the consequences of not working with you?
  • Tell me exactly what you have to offer. Be specific, but not too specific. I have a separate page for more specifics about coaching.
  • Make the price look like a great value.
  • Show me some testimonials from happy clients.

Examples Of “Work With Me” Pages



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